Spike sorting of multiunit recording

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Spike sorting of multiunit recording

Unread postby hodan » 24 Mar 2022, 12:55

I use spike2 to record and analyse bladder sensory nerve firing in response to filling which i measure by intraluminal pressure. I have been trying to use the spike sorting function as i'd like to better understand which spikes fire at certain pressures, but i am completely at a loss past making the initial wavemark. I also do find that the principal components overlap quote a bit and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot that. On the CED website there are spike2 training videos, but under the 'Further spike sorting techniques and tips' section there is no video, it says 'Video not yet available!'. Is it possible for you to make this video available? And is there any other available support?

I appreciate any guidance you can give on this

many thanks,


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Re: Spike sorting of multiunit recording

Unread postby Simon Gray » 24 Mar 2022, 15:08

Hi Hodan,

If you would like to contact me through email (Simong@ced.co.uk) we can arrange a Zoom meeting and work through some of your data together.

I will check the posted videos. We did have a technical failure last year which resulted in a training day session becoming corrupted. Perhaps that is the video you are referring to.

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