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Are you using CED software on Windows XP?

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MATLAB export on Windows XP

Unread postby Tim Bergel » 27 Jul 2015, 15:36

In late 2013, we found that the MATLAB libraries installed with Spike2 and Signal in order to allow export to MATLAB format data files had a problem - they leaked a lot of memory whenever they were used thus causing problems for users who needed to export a lot of data. The only solution available for this problem was to install a much more recent version of the MATLAB libraries. All versions of Spike2 after 7.12 ship with these newer libraries, as do all versions of Signal after 5.09.

We have now realised that the new libraries are not compatible with Windows XP and that those users using the most modern versions of CED software on Windows XP systems (thankfully, there appears to be only a few of these) are unable to export their data to MATLAB format files. We cannot switch back to using the old libraries because of the memory leak issue and in any case we don't feel that we should encourage our users to continue using the decidedly obsolete Windows XP. So if you encounter this problem you have two possible solutions:

  1. Switch to using a newer operating system such as Windows 7 (Vista will very probably be OK too) or later. Note that the issue only applies to the actual data export process so there is nothing whatsoever to prevent you from continuing to do your data acquisition & initial analysis on an XP system and then copying your data files across to a Windows 7 system for the purpose of exporting them to MATLAB. The CED software license specifically allows you to install our software onto multiple machines as long as you make sure that only one copy of our software is in use at any given time.
  2. Install an earlier version of Spike or Signal onto the XP system and use it for MATLAB export.
I strongly recommend option 1!

My apologies for this but as you can see we do not have very much freedom of choice here. We would be very interested to know how many of our users are still using Windows XP so if you could vote in the poll above that will help us to decide when we should drop XP support.
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