Import files format nspack

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Import files format nspack

Unread postby talytagrippe » 24 Jul 2021, 21:35


I have some files in the nspack format recorded with EMG neurosoft hardware. I would like to analyze this data using Spike. Any suggestion how I should convert?

Thank you

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Re: Import files format nspack

Unread postby Greg Smith » 27 Jul 2021, 09:23

I have made a quick web search for this format (EEG Neurosoft, nspack) and can find no information about it.

For us to import a file in its native format we need detailed file format information; some companies are open about their formats, others are not.

An alternative is to export the data in a format we can read; most software has options for doing this. Spike2 can import files in a wide variety of formats (currently 42 different sources are listed in the Spike2 version 10 Help file under File menu->Import).

How willing we are to write an importer depends on the demand for it and the quality of the information about the file format. Given a freely available format without complications (such as encryption and restrictive licencing), and that the data is compatible with Spike2, we can usually do this within a few days.
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