Numbering condition events after data collection

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Numbering condition events after data collection

Unread postby pichelabodouleur » 23 Nov 2021, 20:55

Hello all,

I have recordings with a trigger with the stimulus is presented. The trigger is recorded as an event but I cannot code the events in different conditions. I have 6 different condition always in the same order: 1-2-3-4-5-6-6-5-4-3-2-1 and this is repeating 15 times. Thus, I have 180 events and I need to identify them after data collection from an event channel to indicate what condition it is. I have tried with markers and buffer items but it will take me forever.

Would there be a simple solution, either by creating a new channel or with a simple script, to attribute the codes to the events so that I can analyse responses for each condition separately?


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Re: Numbering condition events after data collection

Unread postby Simon Gray » 25 Nov 2021, 09:04


I think a simple script to create a TextMark channel and populate it with the number and code will be the answer. The TexMarks can then be filtered to show only the stimuli that you wish to process. Please PM me and I will put something together for you.


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