Inputs CED 1902

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Inputs CED 1902

Unread postby ffranck » 02 Sep 2021, 14:14

I use in my project spike 2, one CED 1401 and two CED 1902. In the control panel of spike 2 , I want to set the input " Isolated EEG" for all wave ports, but the option" isolated EEG" is only avalaible for the ports 0-3 (also the first 1902 ampiflier ). Has someone an Idea, why i cannot set also the inputs of the second amplifier to "isolated EEG" (ports 4-7)?


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Re: Inputs CED 1902

Unread postby Simon Gray » 02 Sep 2021, 15:26


I'm not sure of the 1902 configuration you have there but if each 1902 is of an isolated type AND they are consecutive port numbers and addressable from Spike2 then each should have an input type - Isolated EEG, EEG unclamped or a clamp time available. The unclamped or clamp times are the equivalent to Isolated EEG.

Can you see each of the 1902s when using the Ctl1902 utility outside of Spike2 or when looking at ports 0-7 in Spike2s sampling configuration? This may tell us if there is clash of port numbers if not all are visible.

I would expect a Y shaped cable from the PC to connect to the first set of 1902 and then branch to the second set. If you are using the Network out port on the back of the first set of rack-mounted 1902s you may find that it is not connected internally.

In the Preferences of Spike2 (Edit - Preferences - Conditioner) there are values for first and last when a 1902 is enabled. This restricts the range of 1902 ports to look for. If last is set too low the upper 1902s will not be detected. An information area in the same dialog will give you an indication of how many 1902s have been found.

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