itan files compatability

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itan files compatability

Unread postby barrym » 16 Dec 2020, 22:03

What versions of Spike2 will read files generated by Itan software?
What versions of Spike2 are compatible with the Itan add-on that allows Itan hardware to interface directly with Spike2?

Can Spike 2 simultaneously handle data from Itan and 1401 at the same time?


Andre Costa
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Re: itan files compatability

Unread postby Andre Costa » 18 Dec 2020, 11:08

You will need at least versions 8.15 or 9.04 of Spike2, for direct Spike2 interfacing with Intan board's data, in real-time. Both 1401 and Intan sampled data can be handled in simultaneously in the same sampling document.

Older versions of Spike2 could read Intan's .INT format, however these have been supplement by the ability to read .RHD and .RHS formats in newer (ver.9 onwards) versions, in addition to extract digital channel information from .INT data files.

Hope this helps.


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